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Committees Description
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NECA Mission Statement

NECA enables a community of professionals and organizations active in the northeast energy industry to share knowledge, build relationships and collaborate on opportunities and challenges created by evolving markets, technological innovation, public policies and climate change.

NECA currently has ten standing committees, supporting an active thirty-member Board of Directors. Members and other participants represent all facets of the Market Place.  Members include representatives of project developers, industrial users, electric generation, transmission and distribution facility owners and operators.  Also, gas and electric utilities, power marketers, equipment manufacturers, consultants, legal advisors, financial institutions, state regulators, and other governmental agencies are members.

Awards Committee
Ellen Cool, Co-Chairperson

Lysa Modica, Co-Chairperson

The Awards Committee solicits and selects worthy recipients for NECA's Innovation and Vanguard Awards and plans a yearly event to recognize them.

Energy Efficiency/Demand Response Committee
Kathryn Chelminski, Co-Chairperson


Scott Johnstone, Co-Chairperson

A committee with ideas to focus on the end-user and demand side of the industry. This committee also would encompass the new technologies being developed behind-the-meter, including microgrids, home energy management systems, and aggregation.

Environmental Committee
Dan Rukakoski, Chairperson


Paul Martin, Chairperson

The Environmental Committee follows federal and state environmental regulatory developments and advances in pollution control technology. Its mission is to inform the Board of Directors and members of environmental developments that may impact the energy industry, represent NECA in environmentally-related proceedings and hearings and, when appropriate, submit formal comments pertaining to the development of environmentally-related proposals, regulations and policies. Most recently the committee has been tracking the implications of proposed greenhouse gas policies and regulations in several states, the implementation of new ambient standards for fine particulate matter, and developments in regulations and policies at the both the federal and state level regarding distributed generation resources, biomass energy projects, the Boiler MACT rule, the Clean Air Interstate Rule, and the Clean Water Act. The Committee hosts monthly meetings with presentations by industry professionals on current topics and projects. Committee members are actively involved with regulatory workgroups in several states.  

Finance Committee
Todd Griset, Co-Chairperson

Melissa Whitten, Co-Chairperson

The Finance Committee provides information to the members and the Board of Directors on important financing issues in the industry with periodic updates. It provides views on the financing impact of proposed regulation, rules and policy issues. The committee assists in arranging speakers at conferences on timely subjects.

Fuels Committee
Sara Wilmer, Co-Chairperson

Jonathan Carroll, Co-Chairperson

The Fuels Committee provides members with insight into relevant supply, demand and regulatory/legislative issues in the natural gas, petroleum products and electricity markets that impact fuel availability, reliability, and price.  The Committee covers emerging fuels technology, infrastructure developments, regulatory proceedings, global trends and other impacts on the local, regional, national and international wholesale and retail energy markets. Regulatory issues in the Northeast states and at FERC are coordinated with the Regulatory and Legislative Committee. 

The Fuels Committee conducts an annual conference focusing on natural gas, oil, electricity and related topics, including supply developments, regional pipeline and storage projects, and other issues affecting the formulation and implementation of fuel procurement strategies.  The Fuels Committee also conducts Natural Gas 101, a bi-annual conference that provides an inexpensive but extensive and thoughtful overview of the natural gas industry and its impacts on the energy environment in the US Northeast.

Inclusion and Diversity Committee
Kate Bashford Epsen, Chairperson


The mission of the Inclusion and Diversity Committee is to monitor and encourage greater inclusion, diversity and equity in NECA and NECA-sponsored events – among its membership, leadership, and conference speakers and moderators and in its conference planning.


The Inclusion and Diversity Committee was formed by the NECA Board of Directors in recognition of the Board’s desire to further improve the inclusion, diversity and equity of NECA’s membership, leadership and speakers.  The Committee shall advise the Board on policies and practices to ensure that inclusion, diversity and equity constitute a primary focus of the Board and the organization.  The Committee shall develop best practices and quantifiable goals of inclusion , diversity and equity for NECA and its committees and shall monitor NECA’s progress towards those  goals.  The Committee shall also look for opportunities to facilitate discussions about inclusion, diversity, and equity within the Northeast energy industry within the NECA framework.  The primary function of the committee is to carry out the inclusion, diversity and equity priorities of NECA as communicated by the Board of Directors from time to time.

By Inclusion and Diversity we mean: creating a climate where diversity is recognized as a core leadership competency; where inclusion allows such diversity of individuals, thought and ideas to be fully included in the NECA community; and where NECA works towards greater inclusion for those whose voices who have been traditionally underrepresented.

Power Markets Committee
David Fixler, Co-Chairperson

Mary Usovicz, Co-Chairperson

The Power Markets Committee plays an active role in the rapidly evolving market for electric power. The objectives are to assure the development of a competitive electric generation sector of the electric power industry and a level playing field for all regional suppliers of power. As part of this principal activity, the committee examines policy developments in rapidly changing areas and will provide information and resources to regulatory bodies in the Northeast and other participants in the electric power industry.  

Legislative Committee
Dan Collins, Co-Chairperson

Meghan Leahy, Co-Chairperson

The Legislative Committee is an important resource on issues and matters of regulation and legislative affairs. It identifies and compiles publicly available information about legislative initiatives through contacts with Public Utility Commission (PUC) Legislative Coordinators throughout New England , establishing working relationships with Legislative Directors. It provides updates on regulatory proceedings and pending legislation which may affect the membership.  

Renewables Committee
Omar Muneeruddin, Co-Chairperson

Courtney Feeley Karp, Co-Chairperson

The Renewables Committee is dedicated to increasing awareness of the benefits of renewable/clean energy and to facilitating growth of the industry in the Northeast. Members include developers, consultants, engineers, marketers, policy makers, and attorneys who are actively involved in the renewable energy market. Monthly Committee meetings feature a guest speaker to informally discuss a specific topic of interest and include a general discussion of current events in the renewable energy industry. The Committee also organizes a one-day renewable energy conference every year.  

Retail Markets Committee
Eric Krathwohl, Co-Chairperson


Rob Munnelly, Co-Chairperson

The mission of the retail markets committee is to educate the Board and the membership on commercial and regulatory developments in the competitive retail gas and electric markets across New England. Although competitive retail energy markets have been part of New England for over a decade, the recent growth in retail switching and competitive retail activity prompted the NECA Board to create a separate committee in 2013 to highlight and address issues affecting these markets. The committee welcomes participation and involvement from any and all NECA members with an interest in retail energy markets.

Storage & New Technologies Committee
Adam Wade, Chairperson


Carter Wall, Chairperson

A committee to address exciting new technologies and business models percolating through the energy industry, including Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles and other transportation opportunities, Broadband/Artificial Intelligence developments and Cybersecurity.

Young Professionals Committee
John Malloy, Chairperson

Po-Yu Yuen, Chairperson

The Young Professionals Committee is responsible for increasing NECA’s visibility amongst young energy professionals as well as individuals interested in pursuing a career in the industry. The Committee is tasked with providing educational outreach and networking opportunities to ensure that the future of the industry remains active in the Association. The Committee holds monthly meetings to identify and develop initiatives to expand the involvement of the industry’s many young talents. Those interested in joining the Committee or providing input are encouraged to contact the Chairperson.