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Dues Information
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A: Gas & Electric Owners and Developers with plants in development, construction or operation within New England are charged annual dues based on MW of capacity.

MW Annual Dues
A1: Less than 100 $1,000
A2: 100 to 300 $2,000
A3: Greater than 300 $3,000


B: Gas & Electric Marketers and Load Aggregators of electricity are charged annual dues based on (MWHs of electricity marketed annually/8760) and natural gas based on (MCFs of natural gas marketed annually). 

MCF Annual Dues
 B1: Less than 876,000           Less than 10,000,000  $1,000
 B2: 876,000 to 2,628,000 10,000,000 to 30,000,000 $2,000
 B3: Greater than 2,828,000  Greater than 30,000,000 $3,000


C: Gas & Electric Transmission and Distribution Co. are charged annual dues based on annual revenues.

Revenues Annual Dues
C1: Less than or equal to $50 million $1,000
C2: Greater than $50 million but less than $200 million $2,000
C3: Greater than $200 million $3,000


D: End-Users, and Service Companies are charged annual dues based on the number of their employees directly engaged in the energy business. The number of employees are all employees who spend more than 50 percent of their time in energy related business, total in all New England offices and includes as a minimum all of the employees in the NECA database and/or mailing list for the company.

Employees Annual Dues
D1: 1-3 $300
D2: 4-20 $750
D3: 21-50 $1,050
D4: 51-200 $1,250
D5: 201+ $3,000


E: Government Agencies and Non-profit Institutions - $300

F. Student Member - $50

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