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NECA Testimonials
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See what our community has to say about NECA:

The July 24, 2014 NECA Conference on Environmental Issues Conference was one of the best conferences I have attended in a long time. Please thank the organizers for bringing together  a diverse mix of professionals and regulators to present the current and emerging environmental and energy market and regulatory issues. The sponsorship was a great value and the lessons learned and networking opportunities were great.

Wayne Cobleigh, Vice President - Client Services
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.


“David Paleologos, Director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, was a unique and outstanding speaker at the March 12th, 2014, 11th Annual NECA Conference.  I dare say he was one of the best in the past ten years!  Why?  Well with all due respect to past speakers, they have usually been from within our renewable energy industry and there is always a certain amount of preaching to the choir.  David, is outside our industry and brought a fresh perspective on renewable energy policy thru his presentation of the results of his polling in New Hampshire.  We gained REAL insight into how a broad spectrum of people view renewable energy, it’s importance in their everyday lives and, importantly, if they would pay extra on their utility bill to know they are buying renewable energy.  As a professional who often supports RPS lobbying efforts with analysis and strategy services, I know that this type of polling would be vital to sustaining the RPS policies we now have in place in five of the six New England states.  So kudos to the NECA board and staff for reaching out to David and putting together a great day of speakers.” 

George “Woody” Wood
Oak Point Energy Associates LLC is now easier to navigate and has more user functionality that the earlier version.  I know the NECA staff keeps finding more productivity to leverage the website, which helps members and friends stay informed and engaged.  Nice job!

Matt Shortsleeve, Regional Director
RGS Energy

In the 17 years that my company has been a NECA member, I have been an active participant in the Northeast Energy and Commerce Association.  I have attended monthly dinner meetings and have been a participant in the NECA Environmental Committee.   I have found these meetings to be extremely useful and allowed me to learn many different aspects of the power industry including: how a deregulated marketplace works, how the fuel markets have been trending, different types of renewables and how they can be integrated into these markets,  and many details on environmental issues.  I have also had the opportunity to network with many different professionals providing a number of different services including: developers, lawyers, engineers, marketers, power plant operators, gas pipeline companies, transmission line companies, turbine and boiler vendors, and utility companies.  NECA has a broad audience with many different interests and perspectives.  

I would advise anyone that works in any manner in the power field to become a member of this organization.  

Steve Slocomb, Associate
Epsilon Associates, Inc.